The 3 Most Common Customer Feedback Challenges Faced by Product Operations Leaders and How to Solve Them

Sierra Dowd

Sierra Dowd

If you're a Product Operations professional, you are undoubtedly aware of the importance of customer feedback and its role in driving product decisions. It is one of your core responsibilities, and you have likely had many conversations internally about leveraging customer feedback for your organization efficiently. Yet, despite its importance, many Product Ops leaders find this task timely and challenging.

Let’s look at the three most common customer feedback challenges that we believe Product Ops leaders face, and a solution for each.

1. Aggregating feedback from disparate sources

Everyone understands that customer feedback is a valuable resource, but it needs to be organized and managed to be useful. Disconnected feedback leads to false assumptions and recency bias. 

We hear these three things time and time again from Product Ops leaders demoing Unwrap: 

  1. "We have four different feedback sources, not including our social media channels, that we're not leveraging fully because we just don't have time to pull them all into an Excel sheet manually." 
  2. "We use Zendesk for our customer support ticket analysis while our analysts do their best to sift through and tag the remaining sources." 
  3. "We have yet to find a solution that aggregates all of our feedback sources that fits our budget and saves time."

Our response to these challenges is simple: "We have experienced the torture of attempting to manage feedback in disparate sources, so when we built Unwrap, we made it super easy to integrate thousands of sources with just a few clicks."

This way, you can discover, triage, and distribute your customer's voice to the necessary parties as efficiently as possible.

2. Finding actionable feedback in the noise

Identifying actionable feedback is a pervasive issue that our Product Ops prospects – many, now Unwrap customers - have brought up in our early discussions. 

Even in scenarios where your organization has a feedback management process, we've heard it's still challenging to find the "needles in the haystack" -- the needles being actionable insights that will help your team improve your product.

In an attempt to tackle this challenge, we have seen Product Ops leaders often develop scoring systems or rubrics to understand better what customers value and prioritize efforts accordingly. 

Often this presents in the form of a massive Excel spreadsheet with complicated formulas that becomes a task of its own; we refer to this as ‘Excel hell.’ Our co-founder and CPO even wrote a blog post about it.

There is a better way. Your product decisions do not need to be limited by the customer feedback data you have time to get to.

3. Balancing competing priorities

Let's face it, as a Product Ops professional, you have a lot on your plate. Aside from gathering and synthesizing customer feedback, you're responsible for managing the tech stack, gathering product metrics, product experimentation, supporting go-to-market strategies, and much more. 

Give yourself a pat on the back - it's deserved.

So how are you balancing these competing priorities? I'm sure you have your ways based on your org and team structure. However, which of those tasks can be automated?

If you guessed your customer feedback analysis, send me DM on LinkedIn, and I'll personally congratulate you (and thank you for taking the time to read this post). I’m serious, let’s connect!

Often we see customer feedback analysis get overlooked because it's too overwhelming. That is of course, until an internal debate around what to build next arises, and the PMs scramble to find customer anecdotes that will best support their argument. 

What's more, as your product user base grows, so does your volume of customer feedback; this is why onboarding automated solutions that you can scale with are integral.

Overcome these challenges with

The solution that will solve most (not all - we’re not unrealistic) of your challenges is 

How? Our customer feedback management system will…

✔️Be the foundation of your customer feedback management process

Our platform aggregates customer feedback from all of your disparate sources (support tickets, NPS surveys, socials, etc.) with just a few clicks. We then leverage AI to analyze and output actionable insights you can triage accordingly. You can even respond to customer complaints directly in the app and get alerted when anomalies occur. 

✔️Find actionable insights in the haystack of customer anecdotes

Our AI will automatically analyze your data for patterns and organize that feedback into groups, giving you immediate insights into your top customer pain points, feature requests, bugs, and more. No more sifting through mountains of anecdotes! Did I mention we have a powerful semantic search that enables you to size up broad and specific issues; and charts that allow you to analyze any cut of time-series trends in your feedback quickly?

✔️Help you balance competing priorities almost entirely automates your customer feedback analysis. We have cut feedback analysis time in half for most of our customers, opening up time for your many other burning priorities. If you're having a busy week, you don't need to log into Unwrap to get your top insights. Every Monday, we deliver a Weekly Digest directly to your inbox. It's customizable and takes one second to forward so that you can keep your entire org close to the voice of your customer. 

If these sound like challenges you’re facing, Max, our Head of Business Development, would love to walk you through a proper demo. He has a soft spot for Product Operations professionals.

Sierra Dowd

Sierra is an award-winning marketer with an impressive 13 years of experience developing and marketing products for the tech, media, and beauty industries. As Head of Demand Generation at Unwrap, she is an integral part of driving business growth. Previously, Sierra founded SVP House, a marketing and communications consulting agency based in LA, successfully spearheading go-to-market and product-led growth strategies for tech and eCommerce startups to mid-size companies. Prior to that, she served as Director of eCommerce Partnerships at Beautycon.

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