Our Mission

To create stronger feedback loops between companies and their customers.

Powered by artificial intelligence, our product analyzes feedback from various customer feedback channels, giving companies the ability to see, understand, and respond to what customers are saying about them.

A Tale of Two Product Managers

Unwrap.ai was founded by two former Amazon Product Managers, Ryan Millner and Ashwin Singhania. While working on Alexa, they were constantly inundated with customer feedback from emails to Tweets, bugs, and product reviews. Users wanted to be heard, but there was simply too much text to process.

To validate whether this was an isolated issue or something widely experienced, they spoke to hundreds of product professionals both inside and outside of Amazon. In doing so, it was clear that this was a glaring problem across the product industry as a whole. Thus, Unwrap.ai was born…

Meet our founders

Ryan Millner
CEO, Co-founder

Ryan is a Co-founder and the CEO of Unwrap.ai. He started as a Product Manager at Graphiq, at the time a small start-up in Santa Barbara. While there, the team built one of the world's largest knowledge graphs. Graphiq’s technology rapidly ingested data, created and managed ontologies, and understood natural language queries.

In 2017 Graphiq was acquired by Amazon Alexa, where Ryan spent the next 3.5 years working to make Alexa smarter. He is most passionate about building and launching new products, natural language processing, knowledge graphs/data ontologies, and creating great team cultures.

Ryan holds a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Duke University.

Ashwin is a Co-founder and the CPO of Unwrap.ai. He brings 10 years of experience building consumer and enterprise software products. Before Unwrap, he led product teams building Amazon Alexa's question-and-answer experience and natural language AI technology. Despite Amazon's seemingly endless resources, Ashwin's teams struggled to efficiently translate distributed feedback from their millions of customers into data-driven insights, inspiring the solutions Unwrap delivers today.

Prior to Amazon, Ashwin also led product teams at a Graphiq. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from UC Santa Barbara.

Ashwin Singhania
CPO, Co-founder

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