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With Unwrap, you can aggregate all of your feedback in one place and automatically get insights like granular sentiment changes, automated feedback tagging, and pattern recognition. 

Plus you can search for any specific pattern of feedback you would like more data around, set up alerts for anomalies and even email customers in bulk when something has been fixed based on their input!


Log-in to Unwrap.ai and immediately unlock a stream of user feedback and actionable insights from every source you have integrated.

Want to discover opportunities that you never knew were priorities? Not a problem. Need to quickly search across all of your feedback for specific insights? Check. Need to understand the top five user complaints in the past month ahead of your team roadmap review? Done. Is there a feature you just shipped that you want to monitor? Pin it.


Each week you’ll receive a weekly digest highlighting the most important insights. Measure the impact of your fixes, keep an eye on wavering sentiment, and make more informed decisions. 

Whether you’re roadmap planning or heading into an all-hands meeting, our reports will give you the data and context necessary to make decisions confidently. After all, data is only as valuable as the decisions it enables.


Get alerted via Slack or email as soon as an anomaly is detected. 

Imagine you wake up, grab your phone and open Slack. There is a notification from Unwrap.ai. It reads: “There has been a spike in complaints around “check out.” You click in and see a stream of 50+ recent complaints, it seems users are unable to checkout. You do what you need to fix the problem quickly. Good work. Now you have to let your users know it’s fixed. No need to bug the CX or marketing teams, you can send the users that submitted feedback an email directly through the platform.


Do you have a technical team and want more control over your feedback? Leverage our API to harness our NLP technology in custom ways that work best for your business.


Easily integrate all of your customer feedback into our platform. Connect any public or private source you are capturing feedback from.

We currently offer 3,000+ integrations. Book a demo to learn more!

How it works

Artificial intelligence (AI) is at the core of our platform. We employ a particular AI technology called Natural Language Processing (NLP) in a handful of distinct features.

First, we aggregate all your feedback across channels so it's in one place. Then, our AI-powered platform determines which feedback is actionable to your business so you can filter out the noise. It also identifies the most pressing patterns so you can get right to prioritization.

Lastly, our platform allows you to perform powerful searches that can find feedback patterns that would otherwise be impossible to identify in a sea of chatter. 

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