The ROI of Three Reasons to Automate Your Customer Feedback Analysis

Sierra Dowd

Sierra Dowd

In a competitive landscape, efficiency and visibility have become indispensable in promptly addressing customer preferences and pain points. Gone are the days when these insights were desirable; they have evolved into an absolute necessity.

Why? Because prioritizing customers results in increased brand loyalty and reduced churn – in other words, more revenue pouring in, which is vital in today’s market.

So, how can you better prioritize your customers and give them more of what they want? One way is to use a Customer Feedback Analytics tool, like, to find actionable insights from your user feedback (e.g., support tickets, NPS surveys, etc.). The ROI of this type of solution is actually fairly straightforward, let’s jump in.

Reason 1: Cost Savings's impact on productivity and cost savings is meaningful and easily quantifiable. Our recent case study with GitHub CoPilot, an industry leader and one of the premier NLP solutions in the market, revealed that saves each Product Manager 4-5 hours per week. 

When extrapolated across a large PM team, this translates into jaw-dropping savings. If a PM's time is valued at $75 per hour, can save you a staggering $15,000 per month for a team of just 10 PMs. With, you can reclaim precious time from mundane tasks, allowing your team to focus on what truly matters.

Reason 2: Reduce Support Ticket Volume goes beyond time savings for your team by reducing support ticket volume. Our collaboration with a leading software company in construction management showcased a remarkable 15-20% reduction in overall ticket volume. 

By leveraging's advanced pattern detection capabilities, you can identify the top patterns leading to support tickets and implement proactive measures to address them. 

From prioritizing engineering fixes for major issues to directing customers to relevant and up-to-date Knowledge Hub articles, empowers you to provide efficient and practical support.

Reason 3: Uncover Hidden Product Insights

With, you can unlock a treasure trove of product insights that would have otherwise remained hidden. Our AI-powered pattern detection, weekly digests, and real-time alerts empower your product teams to identify and address new product issues with unprecedented precision. 

Additionally, quantifies existing issues, allowing you to prioritize and resolve them promptly. By listening to the voice of your customers, you'll gain a competitive edge, building products that genuinely meet their needs and aspirations. 

As the Chief Product Officer of a 1,000-person company attested:

"We generate tens of thousands of monthly customer comments, and with, we now have much greater confidence that we are building what our customers need." 

Save money, reduce support tickets, and build a better roadmap with

The ROI of is quantifiable and meaningful. By integrating our powerful customer feedback analysis tool into your operations, you'll experience time saved, costs reduced, and customer satisfaction amplified. 

Take advantage of the opportunity to ignite your ROI and unlock the true potential of your customer data. Embrace the power of today and watch your business soar to new heights.

Sierra Dowd

Sierra is an award-winning marketer with an impressive 13 years of experience developing and marketing products for the tech, media, and beauty industries. As Head of Demand Generation at Unwrap, she is an integral part of driving business growth. Previously, Sierra founded SVP House, a marketing and communications consulting agency based in LA, successfully spearheading go-to-market and product-led growth strategies for tech and eCommerce startups to mid-size companies. Prior to that, she served as Director of eCommerce Partnerships at Beautycon.

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