How Unwrap Complements Qualtrics (and all other survey tools)

Ryan Millner

Ryan Millner

Understanding customer feedback is crucial for any business to succeed. And within the customer feedback space, there are many companies that help you collect and manage user feedback. One well-known company in this space is Qualtrics, which has a large range of products for data collection, customer support, and analytics. Their survey collection tools are particularly popular, and many companies use Qualtrics for in-product surveys, Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys, and other forms of data collection. But a common problem occurs when you have lots of users and lots of survey results, you ask yourself “now what?”.

That’s where Unwrap comes in. Instead of focusing on lots of different products in the analytics space, Unwrap has a simple focus - helping product teams understand their written customer feedback. We use a technology called Machine Learning, making it easier for businesses to perform analytics on text feedback from various channels, including support tickets, emails, Slacks, reviews, and more.

While Qualtrics does offer some text analytics capabilities, it is not the focus of their business. Unwrap's technology is more advanced in this area, making it a better choice for businesses that need to analyze large amounts of written feedback.

This is why Qualtrics and Unwrap work hand in hand - since many companies already use Qualtrics for data collection, it's a natural partner for Unwrap. Qualtrics surveys are one of the most common integrations used in the Unwrap platform. When used together, Unwrap and Qualtrics can help businesses analyze feedback received from various channels in a single platform, making it easier to identify patterns, trends, and customer sentiment.

Really the same goes for any survey data collection tool like SurveyMonkey, Typeform, Jotform, AskNicely, Formstack, Google Forms…and the many others.

TL;DR: while Unwrap and Qualtrics are both in the analytics space, they offer different products and services, and complement each other really well. For businesses that want to collect and analyze lots of written feedback, using both tools can help provide a more complete picture of customer sentiment and needs.

Ryan Millner

Ryan is a Co-founder and the CEO of His love for building impactful products started at Graphiq. While there the team built one of the world's largest knowledge graphs. Graphiq’s technology rapidly ingested data, created and managed ontologies, and understood natural language queries. In 2017 Graphiq was acquired by Amazon Alexa, where Ryan spent the next 3.5 years working to make Alexa smarter. He is most passionate about building and launching new products, natural language processing, knowledge graphs/data ontologies, and creating great team cultures. Ryan holds a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Duke University.

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