How to Ingest your Customer Feedback Channels into One Source - That isn't Excel

Ryan Millner

Ryan Millner

2 minutes

One of the constant struggles we hear about when it comes to customer feedback is sorting through all of your disparate sources. From NPS surveys, to chatbots, CRMs, social media, app stores reviews, G2, Reddit…the list goes on and on and on. 

You could spend all day and barely touch the surface aggregating customer feedback. One of the fastest way to combat this is by leveraging feedback software that aggregates all of your feedback into one place with the click of a few buttons. is one of those services! 

Though we highlight a lot of integration sources on our website and in the platform itself, there are many more we don't list. In fact, we have over 3,000 integrations and counting. You name the source, we can integrate with it. During your onboarding, we will handle connecting to all of your desired public and private data sources to our platform seamlessly. This even includes custom data sources, like bespoke company forums or other custom data stores.

It’s never been easier to aggregate your customer feedback.

Ryan Millner

Ryan is a Co-founder and the CEO of His love for building impactful products started at Graphiq. While there the team built one of the world's largest knowledge graphs. Graphiq’s technology rapidly ingested data, created and managed ontologies, and understood natural language queries. In 2017 Graphiq was acquired by Amazon Alexa, where Ryan spent the next 3.5 years working to make Alexa smarter. He is most passionate about building and launching new products, natural language processing, knowledge graphs/data ontologies, and creating great team cultures. Ryan holds a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Duke University.

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