3 Powerful Insights Found By Our New Charting Feature

Sierra Dowd

Sierra Dowd

Telling a story with data is one of the most powerful ways to gain consensus around prioritizing a new feature, iteration, or product. We are constantly striving to give our users an even more comprehensive view into their customer feedback, and we believe our latest feature delivers on that goal. 

Introducing charts, a new feature that allows our users to quickly analyze any cut of time series trends in their feedback, as well as compare their performance to competitors. 

After playing around with the feature ourselves, we've gained some fascinating insights!

The Wells Fargo app lost a popular feature in their iOS app 

Our AI discovered that there was a group of customers complaining about the Brokerage tab missing in the Wells Fargo app. The next natural question is, did this affect all or merely some users? We turned to our charts feature to find out.

Sure enough, as you can see in the chart below, the issue is predominantly impacting Apple users. 

This chart helps prioritize where to focus first. With this data it’s clear that if shipping a fix for both operating systems right away isn’t feasible, prioritizing iOS makes sense.

Unwrap chart from Wells Fargo Preview Page

Qdoba’s app is easier to use than Chipotle

For those living on the West Coast who may not be familiar with Qdoba, it is a popular Mexican-inspired restaurant chain similar to Chipotle. Each week, thousands of customers use both apps to place their orders. To discover which app had the most user-friendly interface, data was analyzed and the results show that Qdoba appears to have an edge in terms of ease of use. This information can be used by Chipotle to identify what features they may be lacking in their app to make it simpler for customers to use.

Unwrap Chart from Chipotle's Preview Page

As much as 30% of McDonald’s negative feedback is about one bug 

When we revisited our old blog post detailing a major bug in the McDonald's app, we discovered that 30% of all negative feedback they receive is related to that one single bug: users being unable to remove orders from their pending status. 

If they fix this bug, it could drastically improve their customer satisfaction.

Unwrap chart from McDonald's Preview Page

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Sierra Dowd

Sierra is an award-winning marketer with an impressive 13 years of experience developing and marketing products for the tech, media, and beauty industries. As Head of Demand Generation at Unwrap, she is an integral part of driving business growth. Previously, Sierra founded SVP House, a marketing and communications consulting agency based in LA, successfully spearheading go-to-market and product-led growth strategies for tech and eCommerce startups to mid-size companies. Prior to that, she served as Director of eCommerce Partnerships at Beautycon.

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