Our Mission

Unwrap.ai Saves GitHub PMs 4 Hours Per Week

"Centralized customer feedback is a top priority for the Copilot team, especially as we’re rolling out new features. We needed to be able to quickly ascertain the overall sentiment and experience of our users to pivot and adjust accordingly.

What used to take me 15-20 hours a month now takes me one-two hours a month - an extraordinary difference. Not to mention how easy they make it to respond to customers, which used to take so long. Unwrap has changed the way I feel about customer feedback analysis."

Charles Williams
GitHub Copilot Product Manager

Top 3 Problems Solved by Unwrap.ai

1. Fully automating GitHub Copilot's customer feedback analysis, freeing up 4 hours per week, 2 days per month for each Product Manager.

2. Aggregated and centralized all customer feedback into one dashboard.

3. Ability to measure how their releases improve customer perception of specific features.

Company Profile

GitHub is a cloud-based service for software development and version control using Git, allowing developers to store and manage their code. In October of 2021 GitHub launched their new product Copilot, a cloud-based artificial intelligence tool developed by GitHub and OpenAI. Unwrap initially partnered with the Copilot team, but is now expanding our partnership with the broader GitHub team.

Industry: Software

Teams benefited: Product & Support

Challenges: Costly & manual customer
feedback analysis process

GitHub's Challenge

1. Thousands of pieces of customer feedback from disparate sources

With millions of users comes an ocean of feedback from disparate sources. For Github, these sources include Reddit, Stack Overflow, Twitter, Github Discussions, and more. GitHub Copilot Product Managers spend around 4 hours per week, sometimes more, copying and pasting customer feedback entries from various sources into an Excel spreadsheet.

2. Hours spent manually tagging, analyzing, and prioritizing the data

Then, they use their best judgment to discern and tag the sentiment of each entry, attempt to identify patterns, then rank those patterns to prioritize their roadmap and determine which feedback needs to be responded to.

While this method achieved the Copilot team's goal of prioritizing the roadmap based on customer needs, it was costly, and the task's manual nature needed improvement.

The Solution by Unwrap.ai

1. All feedback centralized in one dashboard

Unwrap.ai automated GitHub Copilot’s entire customer feedback analysis process. Unwrap.ai demonstrated immediate value by ingesting and centralizing all Copilot feedback into one dashboard.

Copilot Product Managers no longer had to go to each third-party source and copy and paste each anecdote into an Excel sheet. They could quickly sift through all customer feedback, from all sources, in one place.

2. Fully automated analysis with filtered actionable insights

Unwrap’s AI automatically analyzed that feedback, filtering actionable insights into cohesive groups. Copilot no longer had to manually categorize thousands of feedback entries weekly to understand which patterns were trending.

3. Ability to measure the impact of releases on customer perception

Lastly, the team could measure how their releases improved customer perception of specific features. With Unwrap, every Product Manager can quickly identify the most burning customer issues, discover new customer requests, and respond to customers - in minutes versus days.


Unwrap.ai helped GitHub’s Copilot Product Managers free up 4 hours per week by automating their customer feedback analysis.

Do you need help automating your costly & manual customer feedback analysis process? We'd love to save your team time and money too. Let's talk!

- 4 hours per week, per PM saved

- 2 days per month, per PM saved

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