Unwrapped Episode 4 with Investor & CEO, Ivan Bercovich

Ryan Millner

Ryan Millner

Welcome to Unwrapped, our short video series where our founders, Ryan Millner and Ashwin Singhania, conduct mini-interviews about customer feedback with industry experts and peers!  

This episode is a little different and, for that reason, extra special. Unwrap's Co-founder and CEO, Ryan Millner, sat down with one of our investors and CEO of HeyTutor, Ivan Bercovich, in our Santa Barbara headquarters.  

Ivan is a Partner at ScOp Venture Capital, specializing in SaaS companies with proven market validation, and the CEO of HeyTutor, which provides in-person and online tutoring services. As a well-versed professional in artificial intelligence and investing, Ivan talks about what roles he feels will be most disrupted by AI, his investment thesis, and what he loves most about Unwrap.ai!

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Ryan Millner

Ryan is a Co-founder and the CEO of Unwrap.ai. His love for building impactful products started at Graphiq. While there the team built one of the world's largest knowledge graphs. Graphiq’s technology rapidly ingested data, created and managed ontologies, and understood natural language queries. In 2017 Graphiq was acquired by Amazon Alexa, where Ryan spent the next 3.5 years working to make Alexa smarter. He is most passionate about building and launching new products, natural language processing, knowledge graphs/data ontologies, and creating great team cultures. Ryan holds a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Duke University.

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