Unwrapped Episode 1 with GitHub Copilot Product Manager, Charles Williams

Ashwin Singhania

Ashwin Singhania

Welcome to Unwrapped, our short video series where our founders, Ryan Millner and Ashwin Singhania, conduct micro-interviews about all things customer feedback with industry experts and peers!  

On today's episode, Unwrap's Co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Ashwin Singhania, interviews Charles Williams. Charles is a passionate and experienced product manager specializing in information technology, start-up, and software development. He is currently serving as a Product Manager at Github Copilot.

Github Copilot is a cloud-based artificial intelligence tool developed by GitHub and OpenAI to assist users of Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio, Neovim, and JetBrains integrated development environments by autocompleting code.

Charles, one of Unwrap.ai's most active users, talks about how they handled customer feedback prior to integrating Unwrap.ai into their process, what he loves about it, and much more! Like what you hear? Book a demo!

Ashwin Singhania

Ashwin is a Co-founder and the CPO of Unwrap.ai. He brings 10 years of experience building consumer and enterprise software products. Before Unwrap, he led product teams building Amazon Alexa's question-and-answer experience and natural language AI technology. Despite Amazon's endless resources, Ashwin's teams struggled to efficiently translate distributed feedback from their millions of customers into data-driven insights, inspiring the solutions Unwrap delivers today. Prior to Amazon, Ashwin led product teams at a Santa Barbara-based technology startup, Graphiq, which was acquired by Amazon in 2017 to power Alexa. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from UC Santa Barbara.

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