5 Reasons Unwrap Users Love Our Weekly Digests

Maxwell Sabell

Maxwell Sabell

If you’re like most folks in product, customer support, or ops roles, these days you have an excessive amount of logins giving you access to a wide variety of platforms (and if you’re like me, you may have forgotten a few of those logins altogether). In fact it seems I’m not alone; a 2021 survey showed that the average organization had access to over 110 SaaS apps! There’s not enough time in a week to even login to that many apps, much less make use of their feature set. 

Knowing that this is a reality for many of our customers, we rolled out ‘Weekly Digest’s’ for each of our customers. These digests are delivered straight to our user’s inboxes every Monday! Each digest contains the top insights discovered that week with customer anecdotes to support. 

Why do our users love them so much? Here’s a few reasons why…

1. They're delivered straight to your inbox 

You don’t have to lift a finger…well I suppose to open the email but you get the gist! The Weekly Digest is in your Inbox every Monday rain or shine, without any labor required on your end.

2. They're easy to digest (pun intended)

Each Weekly Digest provides a concise summary of the prior week's customer feedback highlights and lowlights. We'll tell you both a few things that are going well, in addition to a few things that need improvement - and provide data and customer anecdotes to support our findings.

Sample Weekly Digest

3. They're completely customizable

Did you ship a new product last week and want us to include information around that release in your upcoming digest? No problem, our user’s let us know what theme we should be looking for and we include it!

4. They eliminate recency & confirmation bias 

As one of our users once said, "anyone can be persistent and find a customer or two that will agree to the solution they want to build." No longer are the days where prioritization debates are won by the loudest with 1-2 anecdotal examples. Instead, our tools look for statistically significant deviations from typical feedback patterns and only highlight patterns that have meaningfully changed.

5. They keep the entire org close to the voice of the customer

Unwrap users are almost always forwarding their weekly digest to other key stakeholders within their org who are not onboarded in the platform. Why? Because these stakeholders are quickly able to ascertain insights that drive prioritization and clarity among their teams. We also hear time and time again how our digests are referenced in company-wide strategy meetings, giving the entire org a pulse on the customer.

Our natural language processing technology and ability to surface customer pain points from data that spans various feedback sources, is incredible. Plus our engineers deliver an amazing in-platform experience (though I may be biased). 

So while we always hope that you spend time each week pouring over your insights in Unwrap, if some weeks you need to rely on our Weekly Digests to get a clear picture of how your customers are feeling about your products, I forgive you.

Maxwell Sabell

Maxwell is the Head of Business Development at Unwrap.ai where he brings 10 years of experience helping brands make better connections with their customers. Before joining Unwrap, he spent 5 years at The Trade Desk helping some of the biggest brands in the world run programmatic, personalized ad campaigns. Prior to The Trade Desk, Maxwell worked at a Santa Barbara-based startup, Graphiq, which was acquired by Amazon in 2017 to power Alexa.

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